Beta’s SpeakEasy -July10th

We have learned that the government doesn’t like the “little guy”.Youtube decided that they don’t want to work with us anymore. So were here scratching our heads on how to give you the show.

But for now you can download  from Beta’s Google Drive.

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In this weeks show:

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and no one blew themselves up with fireworks.

New Music From a few different artist. First two songs made the crowd at Zone18 go crazy! Discovered a new female artist Becky G. Beta’s still recovering from his crazy weekend with the group at Zone18. Click Here to see all the crazy pics from last weekend.

Eminem is getting better with age.He really is the god!We got his newest song with Busta Rhymes”Calm Down”


More Great stuff next week. Stay tuned!





Beta’s SpeakEasy – July 3rd

This weeks Show was produced in a hurry. Beta had to get out of town before the traffic got heavy for the holiday.

Still packed with good music.

Next week we’ll learn about the new LPFM Station in Harrison.Beta made some new friends on the way home from djing.The party at Zone18 over the 4th and updates on Studio-1A.  As well as a new female artist. Iggy better watch out!

July 4th Party With Dj Beta

Here’s Some pics of the party at Zone18 In Houghton Lake over the 4th of july weekend.(Click to View fullsize)

The First  night the group went through 15 cases of beer plus all the mixed drinks.

The second night after being out on the lake all day and more of there favorite refreshment, all the men decided to take their shirts off. Some men went down to just boxers.

Man this group was a trip. But it was a great weekend. All of us at the SpeakEasy hope you had a great weekend and all went well for you and your family.



On this weeks show;

We remember one of america’s Best Radio Dj’s “Casey Kasem”

Beta makes fun of Ric(Sheepdog) by playing 80’s hits.(Devo-Buggles),We learn That Boomers Grass is 7 feet tall!

Some new music from Female Rapper Snow Tha Product and Wiz Khalifa Drops a new Mixtape.

Beta Recap’s on the Tigers and the World Cup.Also Beta Makes up his own word!





Barking About Beta

Beta’s SpeakEasy is not possible with the help and hard work from Boomer.

If you haven’t heard of him yet check him out on his own site. ( )

Boomer and Beta first started working together back in 2011 when Beta first started 88.1WDCV and VERY low power Fm Radio station.Today Boomer Has AM Radio 690, a carrier current project, while Beta is more focused on the FM band of Radio.

Boomer is more famous for his name and being a furry. Boomer is not his birth name but as he grew older he decided he is more comfortable being a dog. But more on Boomer on his site.

Beta and Boomer First came into contact at a Dayton Ham-fest/Swap-meet. (They don’t remember when) had to be around 2004-2006. Beta’s Father  Operated “The Voice Of Prozac” Back in the 90’s which was powered by Boomer’s late and great invention “The Grenade Transmitter”  V.O.P was a Shortwave Pirate Station  on 6.955mHz. So radio is embedded deep within Beta’s DNA.

Fast Forward to Today, Boomer along With Co-Host Ricochet (Ric- for short) Air and Weekly Radio Show fittingly Entitled “Doggy Radio” Every Monday morning Starting at 3am (Est).Beta Operates his projects on a LPFM Station “Power89Fm” (88.9mHz)  in his local city.


For More Information, Contact Beta at or by the SpeakEasy Hotline at (404) 500-9374. To Contact Boomer,  Boomer@ boomerthedog .com




Were New To All This

Were new to all this tech stuff.  So Hello. 🙂

About the SpeakEasy Show;

I want a place to play cool music and have fun, But stay underground and keep radio out of the hands of the feds and the guys with all the money! The SpeakEasy Stream is Simulcasted every Thursday starting at 12 Pm (Est) at the WFRH-LP Studios on 88.9FM  and on our affiliate station 87.9 FM and 690AM  in Pittsburgh,Pa.

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For more on the SpeakEasy call the bartender(Beta) at:  (404) 500-9374